Western Japanese city to use anonymous donation to give $ 88 per child to families in need


The Takarazuka Municipal Government Building is seen in Hyogo Prefecture on November 11, 2021. (Mainichi / Kazuhiro Doi)

TAKARAZUKA, Hyogo – The government of this western Japanese city has decided to use an anonymous donation of 20 million yen (approximately $ 175,000) to provide 10,000 yen (approximately $ 88) in cash to each child in families receiving child care allowances.

The anonymous donor told city officials he wanted to help children in single-parent families struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. The municipality made its decision because the majority of households receiving childcare allowances are single-parent families whose life is considered difficult.

The person, who said he was born in the city, offered the donation in early July. They were quoted as saying: “While the coronavirus has also affected the economy for a long time, I am particularly concerned about the plight of single parent families.” The municipal government discussed with them how to support families and decided how to distribute the aid.

According to the municipal government, at the end of March, the city had about 2,085 single-parent households. At the same time, childcare allowances were paid to 1,148 households with 1,681 children at the end of October. Income-based allowance is available for low-income households.

The municipal government submitted a supplementary budget bill from the general account for necessary expenses to the city assembly on November 11. do not need to apply for the grant.

The mayor of Takarazuka, Harue Yamasaki, said: “We appreciate the donation. We will probably be able to support the children we were unable to reach because we were unable to secure funding.”

(Japanese original from Kazuhiro Doi, Takarazuka Residents Office)


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