Anonymous man donates $ 9.2,000 to western Japanese city to support young caregivers


This photo shows the letter and envelope that the anonymous man brought to the Ashiya Municipal Government Building in Hyogo Prefecture. (Photo courtesy of the municipal government)

ASHIYA, Hyogo – An anonymous man has donated 1 million yen (about $ 9,200) to the municipal government here in an effort to support “young caregivers,” or children or youth caring for a member of their family while they go to school or work.

The man, who would be around 70 according to the city government, said, “I want to give a letter to the mayor,” and left an envelope at the reception window at the mayor’s office on April 14 without saying his name. . Inside the envelope was another envelope with the words “support funds” written on it, with money inside. The letter read: “I don’t know the details of the young caregivers in the city, but if there are any, I want to make a small donation to support them.”

“We feel the need to support young caregivers. We see this as an issue that needs to be tackled and would like to use (the money) in accordance with the intention with which the donation was made,” said an official at the donation. municipal government. . They explained that the money will be added to the city’s “Yuai” social protection fund.

(Japanese original by Sanae Kameda, Hanshin Bureau)


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